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Educational travel


  • This hotel (Hotel Iida) is located in Kyoto Eki-mae of Kyoto Eki-mae,
    I have been helping with many school trips so far.
    For students and teachers to be memories of their lives as well,
    Having a "heart of hospitality", all of our employees are waiting from the bottom of our heart.

This hotel (Hotel Iida) is located in Kyoto Eki-mae of Kyoto Eki-mae and has been helping many school excursions as a starting point for traveling.

We hope to have a memorable lifetime for all students and teachers, "Hospitable mind", all employees from the bottom of my heart.

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  • Starting point for Kyoto trip.Touching elegance in the city of over a thousand years
  • Japanese room full of calming cleanliness
  • A large public bath that will heal the tiredness of the day
  • Dining hall where you can taste meals in a peaceful atmosphere

Information on accommodation

【building】5 stories reinforced bar(5th floor above ground, B1F)
【Number of rooms】Japanese style room 23 rooms(With washbowl and toilet, W / B 2, W / S2)
4 single Western-style rooms(With washbowl and toilet, W / B 2)
Hall 72 square meters(70 people Can dinner)45 square meters(30 people)
【bathroom】Public bathroom 20 people Curran/11 showers
Small bath 10 people Curran/Shower 5 places
Rinse in shampoo, Body soap, Dryer-equipped
【toilet】27 rooms with room/3 other places
【Broadcast facility】You can broadcast microphone to each room from the front desk.
【Elevator】1 We will refuse to use the students.
【Meeting place】First floor lobby
【Evacuation site】JR Kyoto Station before Higashi-Honganji Temple before
【emergency exit】Evacuation light, evacuation route map, emergency lighting etc. are installed on each floor and it is prepared in case of emergency.
In case of emergency, descend to the first floor by the stairs next to the elevator and evacuate from the entrance.
【Fire protection equipment】All rooms equipped with fire detectors and indicators, flashlight, flood indoor fire hydrant on each floor, fire doors, fire extinguishers etc, we are striving for evacuation guidance and initial fire extinguisher.
【vending machine】Soft drinks on basement 1st floor
(Power supply can not be cut.)
【Meal place】Dinner: 1st Floor Ballroom or Underground Hall
Lunch: 1st Floor Ballroom or underground hall
【meeting】Underground hall or guest room
【Leg foot treatment】You can enter your shoes to your room.Please use slippers equipped in the room.
【Valuables】Please prepare valuables bags for each room so please deliver them to the front desk.
【Room key】We do not give it to student organizations.(Please request if necessary.)
【Room phone】Please turn the room number between rooms (extension).
An outside line phone can be stopped for each room, but extension can not be stopped.
【tv set】Each room is equipped.(Free)
【Guest room refrigerator】The inside of the refrigerator is empty.
【In-room bath】We refuse to use the students.
【Service of Chayu】We prepare pot · teaware set · sweets for each room.

For school trip excursions, Special menu

Dinner menu

  • Japanese style(During ~·For high-end)
  • Western style(During ~·For high-end)
  • Japanese style & Western style mix(For elementary school students)
  • casserole(Sukiyaki)

Breakfast menu

  • Japanese Food(small·During ~·For high-end)
  • Western Food(small·During ~·For high-end)