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Hotel Iida is the perfect place to start your Kyoto trip since it is located opposite Kyoto Station, the departure point for all JR, city buses, subways and tourist buses. Hotel Iida is favoured by many foreign visitors, thanks to it’s convenient location and excellent rates.

Through our warm hospitality and high-quality service, we are committed to making Hotel Iida the finest ryokan in Kyoto.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Iida!


〓 Wi-Fi 〓

Free  Wi-Fi  is avaialble each room.
*When you 
  we tell you ID & Password.

Gion Corner

Since 1962,GION CORNER is a popular night spot where tourists can experience an overview of Japanese traditional arts and entertainment in a single setting.Plesae relax and enjoy this highlight selection of Japanese traditional culture at GION CORNER.

show time:19:00~&20:00~ ( 2 perfomances a day )
                      *From Dec to Feb 19:00 ~ 
                       ( 1 performance  ONLY ) 
Fee            : ¥3,150 ( Cash ONLY)
Access    : From JR Kyoto station 
                     City bus ( ¥220)
                      No.206 get off GION ( 20 min ) 
        Yasaka Hall, Gion, Hanamikoji,
                      Shijo-sagaru KYOTO

Taisha shrine

As the role of agriculture diminshed,deities were enrolled to ensure prosperity  in business.
Nowa days,the shrine is one of Japan`s  most popular,and is the head shrine for some 30,000 Inari
shrines scattered the length and breadth of Japan.
The entire complex,consisting of five shrines,sprawls across the wooded slopes of Mt Inari.
A pathway wanders 4 km up the mountain and is lined hundreds of red torii ( arches).
There are also dozens of stone foxes. The  fox is considered the messenger of  Inari,the god of cereals,and by extevsion the stone foxes,too,are often referred to as Inari.
On an incidental note,the Japanese traditionally see the fox as the fox as a sacred,somewhat 
mysterious figure capable of “possessing “humans-the favoured point of entry under the fingernails. The key often seen in the fox`mounth is for the rice granary.

Access :
 From Hotel Iida to JR Kyoto station ( 2 min walk )
 Take a JR Nara-line train to Inari station ( 5 min)
 Inari station to Fusimi-inari Taisha shrine ( 1 min walk ) 
Admission :  FREE * 24 hour open


Experience the traditional Japanese market 
Nishiki Market,
“the Kitchen of Kyoto“ !
Nishiki Market , is a narrow shopping street, located on a road one block north 
and parallet to shijo. Nishiki is about 390 meters long and runs east-west,
from  Teramachi  Street to Takakura street. Along both sides of the 5 meters
wide road, line about 126 shops and stalls,selling traditional Japanese food,
ingredients and order novel items.
Many kind of pickles, Japanese sweets, dried food ,sushi,and fresh seafood and vegetables
can be found here. Nishiki have a very long history, the first store( fish store) opened  
as early as the 1311. Then in the Edo peiod ( 16th century ), Nishiki became  a prosper fish
market, with several wholesale fish stores operating. Later ,the market shift from wholesale
to  retail  sale , and store selling items other than seafood opened too.

Hotel Iida to Subway Kyoto station ( 3 min walk )
 Get off Subway  Shijo station ( 5 min )
 Shijo station exsit ② to Nishiki Market ( 3 min  walk )

Time : 9:00 – 18:00 *Differ from each shop. 

Kyoto International
Manga Museum

The museum is a public-praivate partership of Kyoto Seika University and the city of Kyoto.
The city provided the building and land.The university operated the facility under the oversight of a joint committee.The museum is divied into multiple public zones.One is the gallery ;another is 
the research zone;the third is the collection zone.There are permanent and special exhibits,a Tatsuike history room, a museum shop,and a kissaten( cafe).The 140m of stacks hold 40,000 volumes in the "manga wall".
The museum hold many items of historical,as well as contemporary,interest,Highlights of the museum`s collection include Japan punch. Published by Charles Wirgman in Yokohama,it ran from
the year Bunkyu 2 (1862) to Meiji 20 (1887).
Japan`s first manga magazine was Eshinbun Nihonchi from 1874. The nation`s first children`s magazine was Tokyo Pakku ( established in 1907 )

Open : 10:00 – 18:00 
             *Closed on Wednesday
Admission: Adult   500yen 
                    Student  300yen
                    Elementray student  100yen
Acess : From Subway karasuma-line Kyoto st 
               to Subway karasuma-line Oike st ( 10 min )
              Take a exit 2 ( 1 min walk )      



YODOBASHI is one of biggest 
electronic products shop.
They selling many kind of 
electronic products.
Also, there are many restaurant & cafe.

open : 9:30 – 22:00 ( restaurant 23:00) every day
place: It takes 2 min walk from HOTEL IIDA


Staying Overnight without Meals Plan

2-minute walk from JR Kyoto Station Karasuma Central Exit!
1 minute walk from the bus terminal!

A very useful staying overnight without meals plan saving transportation fees and power as possible.
Fee: 4,305 – 7,875 yen
The fee above is per adult. (service fee and tax fee included)



(Japanese Ryokan)

717 Higashisiokoji-cho, Siokoji-agaru, Akezu-dori,Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi, 600-8216 Kyoto, Japan

TEL: 075-341-3256
FAX: 075-351-3051


Check-in 3:30p.m.
Check out 10:00a.m.
Curfew 11:00p.m.

2 minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station "Karasuma main exit"